Istituto d’Arte Lucca
Accademia Belle Arti Firenze

I have worked several years as an assistant stage designer at  the Teatro del Carretto, an International theatre company in Lucca ( Italy), creating clay masks and theatre props.

Thanks to this experience I have learned and developed the skills and appreciated the ductility and beauty of this natural material.

All my creations are molded out of clay, fired, individually hand-painted  and finally wax polished.

My favourite sculptures are female heads.

I believe they embody my vision of beauty in its purest form.

Female faces with their different features and expressions allow me to explore my imagination and creativity, playing and experimenting with lip colours and eccentric hairstyles, in stark contrast with the white of their skin.

My ladies look up, beyond  the commonplace, oblivious of the world   around them.

In their expressive immobility is the  memory of the ancient people of my land, the Etruscans.

Group exhibition:

2019 September  Gelleria Intrecciarte , Pietrasanta, Lucca
2019 April / july Galleria Intrecciarte, Pietrasanta, Lucca (Italy)                                                    2019 May  Le Rinascenze, Villa Reale Marlia, Lucca
2019 April 21/27 Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, “London on Tour”
London (UK)
2019 January 21/31 Galleria Merlino,” Arts and Crafts” Firenze
2019 January 8/18 Galleria Merlino, “Art Market” Firenze (Italy)
2018 December 22/29 Galleria Merlino, “Art Symposium” Firenze
2018 October 19/21 Carrousel du Louvre, “Artshopping” Paris
2018 March/October Galleria Intrecciarte, Pietrasanta, Lucca